Building the Fourth Wall is another autistic self advocacy blog. I will be writing here about my experiences as a late diagnosed autistic woman. My aim is to understand myself better and to work through my own issues, while offering the insights and reflections I have in a public forum. I hope these reflections may prove useful to other autistic adults and that NT people are able to learn more should they wish to do so. Fundamentally this is a tool for myself. I hope I can connect with other people through it. I hope I can feel some sense of being heard or seen through it.

Building the Fourth Wall is so called because there is one aspect of living as an autistic adult in society I struggle with most. I feel like I have to pretend all the time. It’s a societal pressure and one I have placed upon myself as a late diagnosed autistic person. I build a character to play and live it at all times to the best of my ability. I judge the character from the perspective of an NT outsider. The fourth wall may not break and levels of myself prevent me from dismantling it.